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Bad habits that can lead to arthritis worse

Arthritis is a common disease causing pain and inflammation along with stiffness of the joints. There is no doubt that if you are unlucky to have arthritis, your life will become really difficult: chronic pain, the energy is not enough to afford optimal experience to your life. Unexpected problems are some of your normal routine is leading you closer to arthritis. So to help your joints feel better and avoid arthritis, you should give the following bad habits arthritis as soon as you can.


  1. Eating too much and being overweight.
  2. Getting on inappropriate shoes.
  3. Activities repeated continuously
  4. Taking it too easy
  5. Overweight purse or backpack
  6. Underestimating the strength training
  7. Ignore arthralgia
  8. Exercise overdone
  9. Lack of calcium and vitamin D
  10. Inadequate sleep
  11. Smoking and alcohol
  12. Getting too stressful

1.Eating too much and being overweight.

The fact is that the heavier you are, the more pressure that your joints must endure – especially your hips, knees and spine, which bear the entire weight of your body. A study published in Arthritis Care & Research shows that people with body mass index of 30 or more have a greater risk for developing RA than those in healthy BMI (body mass index). Moreover, the risk of heart disease and diabetes can result from overweight easily. So do not let your body be overweight through bad habits arthritis to reduce the load on your joints by following a healthy diet and taking some exercise

Given that sugar and white flour – and the abundance of them in processed foods – can lead to weight gain, which is hard on the joints pain. To keep your body with healthy mass index, in your daily diet, replacing them with fruits, nuts and grains. An expected percentage in food diet is with less than 10 grams of sugar and more than 3 grams of fiber per meal. With this wonderful rule, you will still feel full without gaining weight.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Getting on inappropriate shoes.

Customers, especially women, like, slings cramping toes and heels fashion because they can look great with their outfits. However, the shoes can cause stress on your joints and is considered a contributor to joint pain. The higher heels shoes you have, the more torque, or twisting force, at the knees. It is recommended that you keep up to 1.5 inch heel. Avoid wearing shoes with excessive buffering and support architecture, reduces spasms natural shock absorption of the foot as it hits the ground.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Activities repeated continuously

What are repetitive activities that we mentioned above? For example, typing, texting, dicing food, and other activities that make you repeat the same motion over and over. These types of activities as the bad habits arthritis can be charged even larger joints such as your shoulders and small joints such as your thumb. Because these activities are forcing your joints suffer constantly, so let’s take a break every 2-3 minutes to reduce the pressure on your joints. In case the joints it used did not feel so great, try to avoid the repetitive activity. For example, call instead of text messaging, and use headphones if your conversation will last longer than 5 minutes.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Taking it too easy

Unfortunately, people of today tend to sit too long instead of moving around and it is one of the most common bad habits arthritis. Remaining in the same position for long periods of time can become your tired muscles and stress the joints and cartilage of you, partly because the blood flow to these areas can go down when you’re not moving. And you should know that exercise is not the only solution to this problem. There are many simple ways, such as standing, reading, stretching or moving locations every 10 to 15 minutes if you work on the computer.

  1. Overweight purse or backpack

Loading too much on your pocket can change your position and your walking stride, stretching the muscles and joints in your neck, and even click on your shoulder joint, nerve compression sensitivity oranges. Weigh your wallet when it’s full. It should be no more than 5% of your body weight.

If you wear a backpack, the uneven weight distribution than a wallet, so you can carry more weight in them. But if it feels uncomfortable, or causes you pain or soreness, it’s too heavy. So give up the bad habits arthritis.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Underestimating the strength training

Of all the fitness, strength training can be especially protected, because it builds and strengthens muscles around the joint support and not a bad habits arthritis. For example, working your quads can help protect your knees. You should practice strength training a few times a week. You can lift weights or do exercises using your body weight for resistance including pilates and yoga. Although some forms of yoga may be too light to be effective for strength training. If you’re worried about safe practices, looking for a personal trainer or a certified physical therapist to create a workout plan for you.

  1. Ignore arthralgia

If any of your joints have been hurt more than a week, although it has reduced or not, do not try to power through the pain and thought it was normal pain. Over time you develop expectations about how every situation will take place, and then you meet the expectations than the actual situation. Instead, see your doctor. Your rheumatoid arthritis may be worse with some side effects of the drug if you are not realizing it as soon as possible. If you also have symptoms such as pain, stiffness and swelling, the doctor will determine if it is normal pain and pain or something more. These appointments are also important to check your blood pressure and your weight. If the doctor recommends treatment, do not delay. Action now can restore normal function and even prevent more serious problems down the road

  1. Exercise overdone

It is undeniable that exercise is good habit. Many years ago, if you were diagnosed with RA, your doctor will have recommended rest and medication. But today, regular physical activity is often the best medicine. That’s because now we know that exercise benefits include less joint pain, more energy, improved sleep, and better day-to-day functions. Not everyone with RA have the memo. However, if you are doing exercise inappropriately, which is bad habits arthritis and leads you in a different situation.

Advice to you is that when you start a new exercise program, or take your show up a notch, starting from. Doing an appropriate exercise program that does not overtax your joints can help your body receive the optimal benefits. Whatever exercise you are doing, you need to let your joints feel most comfortable. If after more than a few hours since your exercise finishes that you still feel stinging or pain, it is a sign you’re overdoing it.

  1. Vitamin D and calcium are not in adequate level

Calcium and vitamin D are the two vital elements to help strengthen bones. In addition, the strength of your muscle can be reduced if the quantity of vitamin D is not enough or in too low level.

For calcium, go for low-fat and nonfat milk or fortified beverages, such as almond milk or soy milk. For vitamin D, good food sources include oily fish such as wild salmon, and cereal or take supplements of vitamin D. To be sure in detail about how much is enough for you, doctor can give you some advantage suggestions.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Inadequate sleep

Our body needs sleep to refresh our energy. We can’t live without sleep. Good sleep brings us many benefits. However, today, when work time is too overwhelming, deadlines are looming or you are struggling to meet the needs of children, we often cut our sleep time as bad habits arthritis. It’s really bad habits, especially with rheumatoid arthritis patients. The researchers found that people with RA who have poor sleep habits have less functionality and more severely disabled by their illness. Depleted by lack of sleep can also lead to other bad habits, like being tempted to eat more unhealthy foods and skip workouts at the gym.

You should start to make difference in your sleep habits for you to feel better. For example, you should cut out caffeine at least six hours before bedtime, avoid alcohol, and exercise regularly. If you still cannot sleep, talk to your doctor to get to the bottom of what is getting in the way of a good night’s sleep. Also, check that your mattress is not too saggy. A medium-firm model is most effective in preventing back pain.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Smoking and alcohol

If you smoke or use any other tobacco products, nicotine maintained in blood vessels will supply blood to your joints, especially the discs in your spine. People who smoke or chew tobacco as bad habits arthritis have a much higher risk for spine and joint problems, even at the age of 30. Giving up smoking can help you be far away from having rheumatoid arthritis. Smoking can also decrease the effectiveness of methotrexate, one of the most commonly used drugs and effective for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and its painful joints.

As in the same situation, alcohol will damage your health if drinking too much. This is especially true for those who are taking drugs to reduce joint pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis and slow its progression. The problem is that alcohol taxes your liver, and thus can be used RA drugs, including methotrexate, heavy drinking can be a double whammy.

Drinking also can lower your bone density, low bone density and put you at high risk for complications from arthritis, including fractures. Merlot your love? A balanced diet, and ask your doctor if the general health rules of a glass a day for women, two for men, is the right one to follow.

bad habits arthritis

  1. Getting too stressful

As being known, stress is never a good condition and it becomes much worse for rheumatoid arthritis because stress can trigger flares RA. Some stress, such as from an accident or illness, is inevitable, but you can learn to manage daily stress at work and at home as bad habits arthritis instead of muscling through the pain of arthritis on your own – or feel angry that others do not understand your condition to keep under control RA.

Yoga, meditation, and exercise are good ways to reduce stress and recharge without being too complicated, but it even seems to be fun. Yoga can ease stiffness RA, too. Share with family members and friends about the pain and tired of you or what you’re going through. Additionally, you can also encourage them to read about arthritis or ask them to go with you to a support group.