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Big toe joint pain – Prevent Gout

Big toe joint pain – Prevent Gout

Pain and swelling, red hot in toe joint at midnight and on the morning is one of the first signs and the most typical warning acute gout attacking. Therefore, patients should be examined quickly in specialized muscles – bones – joints in order to have timely treatment.

Big toe joint pain - Prevent Gout - 1

Big toe joint pain – Prevent Gout – 1

Gout is a metabolic disease is common in men of middle age, with expression in the joints, cartilage, organs under the skin, kidneys and uric acid level in the blood rising. The most typical symptoms are swelling, heat, redness, pain in the big toe joint. The pain is often very intense, redness that patients cannot walk or cannot sleep at night and especially it is increasing at night. In addition, the patient feels pain at some other joints such as the ankles, knees, toes. The patient can be fever, fatigue and lose weight.

Gout is often recurrence, initially every year a few times, then increasing steadily, continuous and eventually become chronic. Meanwhile, rheumatoid joints often occur in toes, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, fingers; swelling and pain prolong and more and more develop. Patients with floating lumps (tophi) around joints, are pretty soft and painless, sometimes we can see the white powder residue (uric acid) that make ulcerative broken, difficult to heal gangrene. The disease can lead to kidney damage such as interstitial nephritis, acute renal failure, kidney stones, chronic renal failure …; cardiovascular damage.

Big toe joint pain - Prevent Gout - 2

Big toe joint pain – Prevent Gout – 2

Gout patients are usually treated with some drugs such as Colchicine, anti-inflammatory painkillers without steroid, steroids directed by a specialist. However, the most important is diet. Patients should abstain completely beer and alcohol, limit using the Purine foods such as animal viscera (liver, heart, brain, rugby …), diet cocoa, chocolate, vegetables shrinkage, beans…; also limit protein foods (meat, fish); should drink plenty of water, especially mineral water with alkaline such as soda …

Symptoms of gout:

At night the patient wake up with pain in big toe joints (one side), severe pain and more and more increase. Big toes have swelling, edema (red, hot, congested) while other joints are still normal. Inflammatory phase lasts a few days then stopping and relapsing for 3-6 months later.


If you have some symptoms as above, be careful with gout. See doctor and examine your health to have the earliest treatment. Through the information, we hope you will have some knowledge in gout field and have a healthy lifestyle without disease.