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The common types of arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The common types of arthritis - 1

The common types of arthritis – 1

More common in women (account for about 75%). The disease usually begins between the ages of 30-60.

The majority of patients have slowly increasing disease, alternating with the decline disease.

Difficult to commute in about half an hour after waking.

Most occur in the small joints such as hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, paws… bilateral symmetry.

The joints are often deformed soon if they are not treated properly. Need to be positive treated from the outset to limit the progression of disease and disability and protect the functioning of joints. Currently the specialized centers have special remedy help to prevent the progression of the disease. The treatment should extend to the closely monitored by a physician.

Osteoarthritis and degenerative spine

Common in men, accounting for over 90%. The age began having the disease is from 13 to 30 years old, in which there is up to 60% of patients under 20 years of age.

Onset is usually slow and gradually increased. Starting at the joints often bearing the weight of the body, such as the joints in the knee, lumbar spine, cervical spine, ankle, hip. Patients are often fat, slow, often accompanied with the other age-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis…

Although there is no special remedy, the elimination of risk factors, changing lifestyle habits, weight loss, do exercise regularly and using analgesics as needed… supply Calcium, Vitamin D, E, C, B…

The common types of arthritis - 2

The common types of arthritis – 2

Ankylosing spondylitis

Men account for a large number of patients (over 90%). Age began to have the disease is from 13 to 30 years old, nearly 60% of patients under 20 years of age.

When having spondylitis, patients usually have signs of dull, slowly, gradually increased. They will feel pain and stiffness of the spine, suddenly red, hot pain in big joints (knee, hip, ankle), no or less symmetrical, restricting the ability to bend of the lumbar spine, waist, neck. Amyotrophic appears very fast.

The body will show signs of mild fever, fatigue and pale. For young patients, there are lesions of the peripheral joints such as the hip, knee that need to cure early to prevent and limit the progression to disability (limit adhesive joints, or muscle atrophy). Protect joint function by taking regular exercise (especially swimming), avoiding contraction, using hammock or mattress are supportive treatments help to avoid muscle atrophy and early spondylitis.

In this article, we listed common arthritis that we often get into. All of these diseases make patients feel discomfortable, therefore, we also gave you treatments respectively. Hope you are pleased with the sharings.