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Folk remedy for gout

Gout is a type of arthritis. It can cause an attack of sudden burning pain, and swelling of the joints stiff, usually the big toe. These attacks can happen over and over unless gout is treated. Over time, they can harm the joints, tendons, and other tissues of you.

folk remedy

With the advanced technology in medication, now, gout is not a difficult disease to be cured. However, in the article, we want to offer readers cure gout (condition of excess uric acid called gout) a folk therapy that does not take much effort and money, but also easy to make, easy to find and only includes the home-grown drug which anyone can treat themselves well:

  • Using 1 crab alive (asexual): wash it then not to come into contact with water for 1 to 2 hours. The aim is to make the crab discharge water exchange in the mouth and more. Because the secretions from the mouth foam crab copper is the essential element for the treatment of gout mixture.
  • Rice alcohol with the concentration of 35-40 purity (not using industrial alcohol brew) mixed with water with the ratio: 1 wine – 5 water (using the spoon or spatula).
  • Differentiate with 1 bowl with sides friendly to easily override your hands over the crab, soak it with a mixture of wine-water
  • Time Soak (using hand press shell crab continuously): within 10 to 15 minutes or 15 minutes can be to make crab discharge its natural.
  • Then take the water mixture to drink (remember deposition or clean filter also).

folk remedy

The noticeable warning is that don’t use crab died because of the inability to discharge from the mouth. However, one crab can be reused from 1 to 3 times.

Using period as follows:

  • First week: 1 day/1 crab to produce a mixture of water and repeat regularly in 7 days (using 1 to 2 times will find other effective).
  • Second week: 2-3 day/1 use.
  • Third week: use 1 time.
  • Then using 2 weeks/ 1 time and decrease gradually to 1 month 1 time; 3 months 1 time and 6 months 1 time.

When using this fold remedy of curing gout, you can use white rice wine to knead further around the inflammatory pain with the aim to dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and waste oil deposits of uric acid better faster. Squeeze 1 time in morning and afternoon massage again.

This is one of useful folk remedy that is easy to use. Hope that it will take you expected advantages.