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Joint pain in pregnant women

Joint pain in pregnant women

You are pregnant and find it difficult to move because of the osteoarthritis? Join us to find out why you have pain and what you can do to improve this situation.The feeling of stiffness, pain in the joints is common symptoms in women who are pregnant. The common joint diseases in this phase are: back pain, pain  in shoulder, arm, hand, finger and knee joint pain.

Joint pain in pregnant women - 1

Joint pain in pregnant women – 1

Causes of joint pain:

– Due to weight gain: This is cause for vulnerable joints. The fetus becomes bigger, the mother’s body becomes more pulling out in front. Thus, these women’s back joints tend to fatigue. On the other hand, the fetus pressing on the mother’s pelvis so the mothers will have hip pain and sacroiliac joint pain making travel more difficult. In addition to weight reasons, the body’s fluid retention may also increase the force to the wrist, causing pain and numbness in the wrist and hand.

– The hormonal changes are also a cause that make ligaments of the joints in pelvic area stretch more and make these joints pain when moving.

When have joint pain, what should the mother do?

– If having severe pain, the mother should go to the doctor for advice and guidance on taking analgesic when needed, they also should take a rest, massage and reasonable movement. They can exercise by lying back on the bed and stretching leg raised and lowered. Each day set for 30 minutes, should set 4-5 times, then stop a little for the rest. This exercise is very good for the hip bone and femur.

When get into the pain, the mother can ask her husband for gentle massage using a hot water bag or an ice bag to overthrust (the back), combined with the punch, squeeze hands and feet, shoulder and neck joints.

– When asleep, the mother should lie in log position, put a thin blanket or pillow to catch the body that makes the mother release the back pain. The mother should lie more, can hang your legs while sleeping, currently, on the market have sold lots of pillows for the footrest, you should choose a soft pillow will make the mother feel comfortable. However, when sleep, should not choose a bed with mattress is too soft that easily lead to back pain.

– When sitting for work, the mother should choose thick upholstered chairs in the back to avoid fatigue, back pain.

– Limit sitting or standing too long.

– Do not wear heels or flat sole shoes when pregnant.

– Besides, the mother should be supplemented with DHA, fish oil, and drink plenty of water. Do not eat much, but enough to avoid becoming fat and ensuring nutrition to the fetus.

-Pregnant women should make light work, consistent. Regular walking and yoga are also very good for both mother and fetus in the womb.

Joint pain in pregnant women - 2

Joint pain in pregnant women – 2

In this article, we mentioned the issue: joint pain in pregnant women in which we gave definition and methods to help them limit and recover the disease. hope you are pleased with the sharings.