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Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip

Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip


Hip arthritis is a common form of arthritis. It affects the hip joints similar to how it affects the knee. Hip joint is a connecter of pelvis or pelvis with femur.

Cause of Osteoarthritis hip

Hip arthritis caused by hip injury before. The change in alignment of the hip, for example, after fracturing hip or bone around can lead to weight distribution is not uniform on the hip. This situation increases the wear and tear of the joints.

Some people are born with deformed hip joint. This disease is called hip dysplasia (DDH). Serious cases of DDH are usually detected from birth or an early stage in life, but milder forms of DDH can only start annoying for adults.

Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip - 1

Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip – 1

Necrosis (AVN) is another cause leading to degeneration of the hip joint. In this case, the femoral head (femoral ball, or thighbone) lost a significant portion of its blood supplying and begins to die. Femoral head is dead cannot stand with the high pressure that is transmitted through the hip joint even during normal activities such as walking and climbing stairs, and over the time it becomes increasingly distorted. AVN related to alcoholism, fractures and hip bone deviation, and treatment with corticosteroids in time treating for other patient. In some cases, the cause of hip arthritis cannot be determined. In early stage necrosis can usually be diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging MRI. However, in such cases, the hip osteoarthritis may be related to the effects of aging and wear and tear over time.

Symptom of Osteoarthritis hip

The most common symptoms are pain while putting weight on the hip is inflamed such as when walking or even sitting for long time. The pain usually occurs in the groin or buttocks, or sometimes on the front of the thigh.

Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip - 2

Knowledge of Osteoarthritis hip – 2

You can limp, which is the body’s way to reducing the pressure on the hips. Your hip can feel stiff that will cause some difficulties such as going into and out of a low chair or a car or even using the toilet.

You may also be difficult to pass low obstacles on the ground. Finally, when the situation becomes worse, the pain appears permanently and can make you are sleepless at night.