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Learn about septic arthritis

Learn about septic arthritis

The define

Septic arthritis is a severe infection in the joint. Bacteria or less common is fungi, which can spread from other parts infected disease of the body to the joints. Sometimes the bacterial infection is in the joints only, other areas of the body do not matter.

In septic arthritis, bacterial penetration into the joints is often the only one – and damage, causing severe pain, warmth and swelling. The most common bacterial target is knee, although other joints can be affected by septic arthritis, including ankle, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Children and the elderly are more likely to develop septic arthritis. If treated within a week after the first symptoms appear, most people recover fully.

Learn about septic arthritis - 2

Learn about septic arthritis – 2


The symptoms

Septic arthritis often makes uncomfortable and difficult to use the affected joints. Signs and symptoms may include:

  • -Fever.
  • -Pain in the affected joint, especially when moving joints.
  • -Swelling of the affected joints.
  • -Warm the area of the affected joints.
  • In children, additional symptoms may include:
  • -Appetite.
  • -Unrest
  • -Tachycardia.
  • -Discomfort.

If you are taking medication for any type of arthritis, you cannot feel the pain of septic arthritis with severe infections because these drugs may mask the pain and fever.

In adults, the hand and foot joints – especially knees often affected by septic arthritis.

In children, most likely the hip joints are affected. Children with septic arthritis in hip joints usually keep their hips in a fixed position and try to avoid rotation.

In rare cases, we can meet other joints, such as the neck, back and head may be affected.

See your doctor if you have signs and symptoms that may indicate septic arthritis, such as sudden onset of severe pain in the joints. If you are at increased risk of infection and notice signs and symptoms of infection, such as fever and chills, see your doctor immediately. Early treatment can prevent the spread of infection and minimize damage to the affected joints.

Learn about septic arthritis - 1

Learn about septic arthritis – 1

The causes

Septic arthritis can develop when there is an infection in somewhere else  in the body, such as upper respiratory tract infection or urinary tract infection, spread through the blood to the joints. Less common is a puncture wound, injections or surgery near the joints can allow bacteria into the joint.

Synovium protect itself from infection very low. When bacteria come in the synovium, enter easily and can begin to destroy cartilage. The body reacts to bacterial infections, including increased pressure around the joints, in joints and decreased blood flows into the joints contributing to the damage of the joints.

In this article, we supplied you some information about septic arthritis – a severe disease directly effects on joints. If patients are not treated early, it can bring severe results. Therefore, we want to share a little bit knowledge that help you can easy notice this disease.