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Learn to stay active with arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common diseases worldwide. It often occurs with people from middle age. However, it does not mean that young people and children do not even have this risk. If you have arthritis, joint pain can significantly interfere with your quality of life and ability to do daily activities that you once did with ease. Although so far, there are some treatments to help you with arthritis, the most useful method is still learning to stay active is easier in your life. Schedule consult with a physical therapist to help you solve some of the problems you encounter every day – you can get personal advice on how to navigate through each day without increased joint pain.

  1. Get Moving to Ease Arthritis

Arthritis and exercise may not seem like a natural match, but staying active can certainly help to reduce joint pain. It is important to know your limits. Understand the range of motion available to you, and do not push past that is limited, or you can end up increasing joint pain. And ignore the weight bearing exercises – water activities based on the ideal, especially in the warm water.

stay active with arthritis

  1. Exercising with arthritis

Exercise not only help you lose weight, but also help in other ways to stay active with arthritis. You should find fitness friends: Instead of planning the day for lunch, meet friends recommended to walk quickly through the center or a park. While you may be tempted to shake off a solo workout, you will be less likely to stand up to a friend. Adding time your exercise can take benefits too. You do not need to do all your exercise at the same time. It’s OK to do it in spurts of 10 minutes. If you are new to exercise, aim to be active for 15 to 20 minutes a day, three days a week. Then work up to 30 minutes per day. The key is to do activities that will work your large muscle groups, quickened breathing and heart rate. Not sure about what activities may be best for you? Ask your doctor.

  1. Working Towards a Pain-free day

Joint pain can make sitting at a table miserable. If you work at a desk, make sure you have a working chair supports your body and a workstation, where all of your actions can be carried out within the scope of the motion. Select handsfree device instead of squeezing between your shoulder and head. And stay active – remember that it is important to get exercise when you have arthritis. Get up and lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

  1. Keeping Sex Alive!

You can still relax in the bedroom. Pillows, wedges, and towel rolls that support the curved area will improve your sexual experience, as will attempts to position outnew find what is comfortable.

The most important point, said the winter, is not always in line with the standard missionary position (a partner on the top and the other below). Spooning, for example, may be a more viable alternative, she said.

  1. Reaching stop!

If possible, try to avoid reaching over your head to stay active with arthritis. You may need some help to reorganize wardrobe and high cabinets, take what you need most often can be easy to reduce joint pain.

If you have to get something off a high shelf – and your arthritis must not hinder you – use a sturdy step stool. However, in winter, the best thing you can do is to keep the index often used on high shelves, and ask friends or family to get them down for you when you need them.

  1. Out of Bed Slowly

Good habit for people with arthritis. When you put your feet on the edge, pushing up the body, the weight of the foot can help upper body to a sitting position. If both feet are on the floor, wait for any dizziness to pass. Contract your abdominal muscles to help her stand up.

stay active with arthritis

  1. Spend your time out of the car

The key to step into and out of the car with the symptoms of arthritis, again, is moving slowly. When getting in, opened the door and sat in a chair with both feet on the ground outside the car. Then twist your body to put one foot and then the other on the floor of the car. Using the chassis to assist when needed.

When realized, reverse the process and make sure to use your abdominal muscles to help lift her out of the car after both feet flat on the ground outside the car. If someone is helping you, make sure they do not pull your arm to help you get out of the car.

  1. Clean your house

Do not be afraid of the house; it is a way to avoid exercise. Floor cleaning counts as moderate exercise because it increases your heart rate and makes you breathe faster. Other good exercise to stay active with arthritis: washing windows, hanging laundry, and clean bathrooms. To protect your joints: alternative motion and use your hands. Do not be excessive at your fingertips, and bend your knees to your store. Consider the knee pads for kneeling.

  1. Take the stairs

By taking the stairs, you can weave exercise into your daily routine without the necessity for taking the time to exercise. However, if you have knee osteoarthritis – a condition that affects nearly one in two people before age 85 – providers of health care you can suggest that you consider a form of collective virtue.

  1. Eating healthy

Foods that you put in your mouth certainly affect your joints. Obesity is the maid of arthritis. When you take a step – step – four times your body weight pressing down on the hips, knees, back and legs. If you weigh 200 pounds, that’s 800 pounds of pressure inches with each step.

Therefore, being overweight is a huge burden on your joints. But here are some of the best news I can give you words – guaranteed investment – for every pound you lose, you have relieved the backs of four tables. Even if you increase calorie intake of 2,000 calories a day, but eat smarter and focus on a diet anti-inflammatory (foods like blueberries Vietnamese fruit, avocados, fish, whole grains and legumes), you will be more likely to lose weight. But you should also reduce fatty meat, fried foods and processed sugars as much as possible.

stay active with arthritis

These are some specific ways to help you stay active with arthritis. Hope that you find the article helpful!