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New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis

New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis


A popular remedy of traditional medicine is widely used and effective for arthritis pain. The international scientific interested in rheumatoid arthritis so conducting research on all drugs. Normally, Western medicine does not really consider ginger, turmeric or oil are medicines , but regard them as spices or things make-up for everyday dishes, however, practice shows these pharmaceuticals have an important role in treatment. For thousands of years, traditional medicine in Eastern combined with these herbs in the treatment of inflammatory joint.

New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis - 1

New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis – 1


American Rheumatic School met to discuss a combination of herbal medicines between Artrex and 4 Withania somnifera ingredients (Ashwagandha), oswellia serrata (Salai Guggul), Curcuma longa (Turmeric), Zingiber officinale (Dry Ginger). Workshop presented and discussed about a double-blind study tested with placebo, made in America, with 90 patients with osteoarthritis participating in the study. The study results showed Artrex, merely is a combination of herbs, but achieved surprising results, patients used Artrex had markedly analgesic effect compared with others have no use of Artrex. The research was on the basis of full scientific conclusions can Artrex effective for patients with Osteoarthritis.


Previously, a large study was conducted in 182 patients having rheumatoid arthritis with Artrex, also reported in the American Rheumatism School. The results of the report again caused to surprise for doctors and participants in the workshop, Artrex again convinced the audience of the conference in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Artrex have significant analgesic effect in the group of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, in addition, the drugs also reduce joint stiffness, increase advocacy and increase quality of patients’ lives. The study also showed Artrex decrease middle mediators causing rheumatoid arthritis, such as the interleukins.

New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis - 2

New treatments for rheumatoid arthritis – 2


Two clinical studies were performed in the US, and are reported in the American Rheumatism School, the report agreed that Artrex really effective for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis , further, here is the origin of natural herbs so it has absolutely no side effects and can be used daily for the treatment of painful inflammatory disease, degenerative osteoarthritis.


In this article, we supplied you some information about new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis that tested and total agreed by researchers and specialists in rheumatoid arthritis field. Hope you are pleased with the sharing.