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Which results in the spinal arthritis?

The symptoms of pain, stiffness and swelling in the back can be resulted from the affection of joints, muscles and bones, which is known as spinal arthritis. While any part of the back can be affected, the lower back is the most common site of arthritic back pain, probably because it brings a lot of body weight.

spinal arthritis

Spinal arthritis is mechanical breakdown of the cartilage between the joints aligned in the dorsal aspect (back) of the spine which quite often leads to painful muscle.

The inflamed joint aspect and osteoarthritis pain progression creates more friction. Back motion and flexibility decrease proportional to the progression of diseases caused back pain while standing, sitting, and even walking. Over time, bone spurs (small irregular growth on the bone also called osteophytes) are often formed on the joint aspect and even around the vertebral spine. The bone spurs as a response to the general instability and the natural effort to help return stability to the joint.

The expansion of the normal bone structure showed the degeneration of the spine. The fact shows that the aging process cannot be the direct cause of back pain but it is still normal if your back become worse because of the irritation or entrapment of the nerves that pass through the spinal structure, and can lead to reduced room for the nerves to pass (spinal stenosis).

spinal arthritis

It can be explained for spinal arthritis with many several reasons. However, provided almost all the abnormalities affect the body, it is likely that a combination of risk factors work together to cause arthritis of the spine.

  • Repetitive trauma to the spine from repetitive strain caused by accident, surgery, sports injuries, poor posture, or activities related to the job seems like causes popularity of spinal arthritis.
  • Athletes and those who have jobs that require repetitive, and especially heavy, the motion was found to be higher risk.
  • People who have excess weight, causing more stress on the joints and spine heavy bearing, especially during the middle years are at high risk of spinal arthritis.
  • In some cases, if family has its history of arthritis, genetic can lead to this disease.
  • The associated disease: the presence of other diseases related, infection, diabetes, and various forms of arthritis circulation, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout.